• Health Benefits
    • How can MBT help me?
      • MBT aims to help people all round the world to lead a healthier life. Walking in MBT everyday increases muscular activity, not only in your feet but throughout the body. MBT strengthens the principal muscles of the legs, feet and back. The result: you will be physically stronger just from using MBT in your everyday life. The result: you will be physically stronger just from using MBT in your everyday life.

    • Can MBT help with pain?
      • The concept of MBT is based on is accepted by biomechanics institutions round the world and medical specialists who recommend its use for muscular-skeletal problems such as:
        - Back, hip, leg and foot problems.
        - Injuries to joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons.

        If MBT is used as a secondary treatment, its use should be supervised by a qualified medical professional.

    • What differences will I see wearing MBT?
      • The most important thing is that you will feel different. Just from standing and walking in your MBTs: muscular activity will increase; your circulation and posture will improve. Plus, your legs and hips will be getting stronger and the impact on the joints in your back, knees and hips will decrease.

    • I have Arthritis in my big toe. Would MBT help?
      • MBT dynamically changes impact through the foot, ensuring that your weight is evenly distributed across your foot from the moment your heel strikes the ground until your foot leaves the ground. It’s as if you were walking barefoot on a natural surface. Conventional shoes concentrate the impact in your heel and raise it across the foot, ending with the big toe leaving the ground, which causes a lot of pain for people with arthritis (a condition also knows as hallux rigidus or bunions).

    • Will MBT cure my Sciatica?
      • Sciatica, or pain which radiates down the back of the leg, is generally a symptom of a back problem. Intense back pain generally affects people’s quality of life, although most people get better within 6 - 12 weeks. Activity helps to eliminate symptoms earlier, reduces chronic incapacity and reduces time in treatment. MBT also affects the angle of the trunk relative to the pelvis. MBT causes the lumbar spine to adopt the ideal position to take the load through the pelvis and the hips. MBT also helps to strengthen the lumbosacral musculature and recovery of the lower part of the spine. MBT should be used as a tool to help treat sciatic pain. If pain in your lower back or leg persists, you should see your doctor to eliminate more serious conditions, such as infection, tumour, fracture, inflammation, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

    • Why does my leg muscle hurts after wearing MBT?
      • The pain that some people experience, especially in the early days of using MBT, may be the natural result of a new exercise programme since you are using muscles that haven’t been used when walking in conventional shoes. It is known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It normally disappears after using MBT for five days.

    • Can MBT help with foot pain?
      • MBT reduces pressure on the heel and so is beneficial for problems like heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis in the Achilles tendon and arthrosis. MBT also reduces the impact experienced at the knee. MBT is also useful for metatarsalgia as it reduces pressure in the front part of the foot.

    • Can MBT help with Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spurs?
      • MBT can help plantar fasciitis since it reduces pressure on the arches of the feet. You should introduce MBT gradually to help stretch the plantar fascia gently while protecting it and strengthening the muscles that support it.

    • I've had an operation on one of my joints. When can I start wearing MBT?
      • If you are already used to using MBT you can think of it as a good postoperative aid. However, we recommend not using MBT during the first 6 - 8 weeks after the operation, to reduce the risk of falls that might cause serious harm. We recommend use after that time and under professional medical supervision.

    • Can I wear MBT if I have flat feet?
      • Yes, MBT activates the muscles of the foot and helps to strengthen the arch. It is vital to use them properly.

    • I have knee pain. Can I wear MBT?
      • We know that MBT reduces impact through the knee. We also know that walking in MBT will provide the benefit of activation of the muscles surrounding the knee. MBT stretches the foot and activates the quadriceps. These features help in treatment of knee pain. We recommend medical advice from a qualified expert (doctor, physiotherapist, chiropodist) who is familiar with MBT for a definitive answer.

    • Why do I have the sensation that my feet are burning after wearing MBT?
      • The sensation of heat that some people experience is due to the increase flow of blood in the muscles of the foot. It stops after a few weeks. In some people, it may continue for longer and may be an indication of a vascular problem, probably due to conditions such as arteriosclerosis and diabetes. If it persists, consult your family doctor to check for any underlying issue.

  • How To Shop
    • How Will I Know If MBT.COM Has Received My Order?
      • After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email from MBT.COM within 15 minutes informing you that your order has been received. If you do not receive a confirmation email after 15 minutes (please ensure the email was not sent to your junk folder), it means we have not received your order and no payment has been received by MBT.COM. You will then need to place a new order. If you placed the order through your account, you can locate it on My Orders under My Account. Please contact us at support.au@mbt.com for further assistance.

    • There’s An Item Missing From My Order, What Should I Do?
      • Please check the invoice that was included in your package. If there is any missing item(s), contact us at support.au@mbt.com.

        All orders will be fulfilled based on available stock. If a particular product in your order does not meet our quality checks or is out of stock, your order will be processed with the remaining item(s). Item(s) not included will be refunded accordingly.

    • How Can I View My Order Information And History?
      • To view your order information and history, sign in to your account, go to My Account and then to My Orders. Track the View Order button that corresponds to your order number. If you have opted for guest checkout, you can view your order information via the confirmation email sent to you. Please contact us at support.au@mbt.com for further assistance.

    • Can I amend my order?
      • For all orders, we are only able to amend the billing/shipping address. You can’t amend the size/colour of the item(s); remove or add item(s); or change the payment mode.

    • Can I cancel my order?
      • Once your order has been placed successfully, you will not be able to cancel it.

    • My order was cancelled due to online security checks or stock availability, how will I be refunded?
      • If your order was cancelled and your payment was captured, you will be refunded via your original payment mode. Please allow up to 14 working days for payment to be refunded. Once your refund is processed, you will receive a notification email. After we have refunded you, it might take up to 7 working days or more to see it reflected in your account. This depends on your payment services provider. If you have not received your refund after 7 working days, contact your payment processor directly for assistance.

    • When I place an item in my shopping bag, will it automatically be reserved for me?
      • Placing an item in your shopping bag does not guarantee that the item has been reserved. Complete the checkout process to ensure you get your item(s).

    • My order was unsuccessful, what should I do?
      • If your order was not successfully placed, please check that the correct address, postal code and authentication code (if applicable) were used.

    • I Received An Error When Placing My Order, What Should I Do?
      • Please provide a screenshot of the page where you experienced the error, or copy the error message and send it to support.au@mbt.com for further assistance.

  • My Account
    • Do I need to have an account to shop at MBT.COM?
      • Having an account with MBT.COM will speed up the checkout process and allow you to keep track of your orders. You can sign up for an account before shopping or create one before you head to checkout.

        You also have the option to shop through guest checkout. However, your information will not be stored and you will not be able to check or make amendments to your order if you have opted for guest checkout. If you change your mind, you can still create an account after placing your order using your current details.

    • What are the benefits of creating an account?
      • By creating an account, you will be able to:
        1. Receive a 10% off when you sign up with us for the first time
        2. Checkout faster by saving your address in your Address Book
        3. View your order status and history under My Orders
        4. Save your favourite items in your Wishlist
        5. Receive the latest news on Promotions, New Arrivals and Online Exclusives

    • How do I create an account?
      • Head on over to the Sign Up page and fill in your particulars under Create An Account.

    • How do I sign in to my account?
      • Enter your email address and password into the Log In field.

    • How do I reset/change my password?
      • Head to the Log In page and enter your email address under Forgot Password. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

        To change your password, sign into your account and head to Change Password.

    • How can I edit/update my account details?
      • Sign in to your account, head to My Account. You can then edit/update your particulars.

    • How can I edit/update my billing and shipping addresses?
      • Sign in to your account, head to My Account and then to Address Book. You can then edit/update your billing and shipping addresses and save them for future orders.

  • Payment
    • What forms of payment can I use?
      • We accept payment via MasterCard, Visa, American Express and PayPal.

    • What Currencies Do You Accept?
      • We accept Australian dollar only.

    • Will MBT.COM store my payment information?
      • MBT.COM does not store any customer's credit/debit card information. When you pay by credit/debit card, all credit/debit card information is directly transacted in a secure fashion to PayPal, our payment gateway provider.

    • What is PayPal?
      • PayPal offers faster, safer and easier checkouts, while protecting customers from revealing their credit card details and other financial information. Save your PayPal account details on MBT’s checkout page to speed up future purchases. You can remove your account anytime you wish.

    • My Payment Has Been Declined, What Should I Do?
      • Please try again and make sure you’re including the correct information for login details, card number, expiry date, etc. If the problem persists, contact your issuing bank or try an alternative mode of payment. For further assistance, please contact us at support.au@mbt.com.

    • Why are there extra charges reflected on my credit card bill?
      • Your issuing bank may impose small administrative charges for overseas usage. Please contact your bank for further information.

    • Why do I see double records on my online bank statement for my purchase?
      • All payments made using a debit card will result in two records: authorisation and settlement. You will see both records reflected on your online bank statement. Authorisation refers to funds held by the bank while the payment is in the process of being approved or declined. Settlement refers to the actual payment (i.e the merchant has captured the fund that was on hold previously). Please note that although there are two records, there is only one single charge. For further clarification, please speak to your bank.

  • Shipping & Tracking
    • What Are The Available Delivery Options And Rates?
      • We currently deliver via DHL Express with order tracking services. Free delivery is available for orders above A$260. Otherwise there will be a shipping fee of A$35* incurred.

        Note: All orders are currently shipped out of Singapore.

        *Please note that delivery may take longer during sale events.

    • Does my order come with a guaranteed delivery date?
      • Please note that the expected delivery date/time is at our best approximation and might be affected by conditions such as shipping restrictions, payment authorisation, online security checks and stock availability.

    • How Can I Track My Order Status?
      • Once you’ve signed into your account, you can view your order status in My Orders under My Account. Your order status is reflected next to your order number.

        If you opt for guest checkout, you will not be able to view your order status.
        For further assistance, please contact us at support.au@mbt.com.

    • I Have Not Received My Package, What Should I Do?
      • If you did not receive your package by the expected delivery date, please check on the shipment by tracking your order using the given DHL tracking number.
        For further assistance, please contact us at support.au@mbt.com.

    • Can I change my shipping address after my order has been dispatched?
      • Unfortunately, we are unable to redirect orders once your items have been shipped. If the address provided is incorrect, the package will be returned to us by the delivery agent.

        Please ensure you provide the correct shipping address. Check your address carefully when placing an order and ensure you choose the right location in the shipping address field (e.g. Austria vs. Australia). To remove an outdated or incorrect address from your account, sign in to your account and edit/update your address in your Address Book.

    • Where does MBT ship to?
      • MBT currently ship to Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

    • My location is not on the list of delivery destinations, can I still place my order?
      • Unfortunately, we do not deliver to locations that are not listed above.

    • Do I have to pay duties and taxes?
      • For delivery within Singapore, the local sales tax (GST of 7%) is automatically applied to your order in accordance with Singapore’s tax regulations. You are not required to pay for any additional costs.

        For delivery out of Singapore, you may be required to pay for import duties according to customs' rules and regulations in your country.

    • Can I request for a tax refund?
      • We do not accept tax refunds for purchases made at MBT.COM

  • Returns & Exchange
    • How do I make a return?
      • We want you to love your MBT purchase. Try them in the comfort of your home and if you are dissatisfied with the item(s), return it within 14 days of receiving your order.

        - Please make sure the item(s) is in original condition, with the original packaging and original tags attached.
        - A final inspection will be done to ensure all items are in their original condition before processing your returns.
        - Returns that do not meet our policy will not be accepted and will be returned to you at your cost.

        If you are returning an item from an order that came with a free Gift With Purchase (GWP) and the value of the order falls below the GWP qualifying amount after the return, the redeemed GWP must be returned as well. If the GWP is not returned, you will incur charges based on the market value of the GWP.

        Note: return shipping cost will be borne by buyer unless item is shipped wrongly or in defect condition.

    • How Do I Make An Online Return?
      • Our return policy is only applicable to any item(s) purchased online, within 14 days of receiving your order.

        All returns and exchanges are to be shipped to the address below:
        119 Genting Lane #02-00
        HB@119 Genting Lane
        Singapore 349570

        We recommend you opt for a shipment method that enables tracking. MBT will not be responsible for the loss of a returned parcel.

        To receive a Return & Exchange confirmation, please email us at support.au@mbt.com with the subject title: Return Request – Your Order Number & Reason. Our customer service team will assist you with the return process.

    • When will I receive my refund?
      • Once we receive your return item(s), it will go through a quality check to ensure it’s in good condition and complies with our refund policy. This can take up to 2 working days.

        After the return has been approved, it takes up to 14 working days for the refund to be made to your payment services provider. Once we have processed your refund, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

        *Please note that your refund will take up to 21 working days if you have made your purchase during our online sales period.

        Please allow up to 7 working days for your account to be credited. If you do not receive your refund after 7 working days, please contact your payment processor directly for further information.

        Refunds will be based on the value of the merchandise as reflected on your invoice. Shipping and handling charges from your initial order will only be refunded if the return is due to a defective or wrong item. The refund will be issued by MBT.COM to your original payment method.

        We seek your understanding with delays to your refund caused by special events (e.g. online sales).

    • How Do I Make An Exchange?
      • Exchanges are only allowed for items bought in MBT.COM and within 7 days of receiving your order. Exchanges are subject to stock availability and we reserve the right to do an exchange by way of an item(s) of a similar value; refunding you via your original payment method; or any other methods at the discretion of MBT.COM.

        You are only allowed to exchange the same item in a different colour and/or size subjected to stock availability. Please email us at support.au@mbt.com with the subject title: Exchange Request – Your Order Number & Reason, our customer service team will assist you with the process. A final inspection will be done to ensure the item(s) is in its original condition before processing your exchange.

        Note: return shipping cost for exchanged item will be borne by buyer.

    • Terms & Conditions
      • 1. MBT reserves all rights to inspect the condition of the item(s) before accepting any returns, refunds or exchanges (“Returns”). You shall bear the shipping and handling charges of returning any rejected item(s) to you.

        2. All risks in shipping the item(s) to MBT shall be borne by you. MBT shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the item(s) which is being returned to us.

        3. Should your preferred refund method not be indicated during the Returns process, you shall be refunded by your original payment method.

        4. Should there be any dispute on the refund amount for any Returns, your refund will be based on the merchandise value on the original purchase invoice.

        5. MBT shall not be responsible for damage to any item(s) resulting from unique, accidental, or random damage that is the result of use by you or wear and tear. Our Returns policies do not cover such damage.

        6. Our Returns policies does not cover item(s) used in a manner or for a purpose not reasonably contemplated by MBT, or if the item(s) has been modified in a manner not authorised by MBT.

        7. MBT makes no warranty in respect of any product, express or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability, quality, compliance with description and fitness for a particular purpose.

        8. MBT's decisions on Returns are final.

  • Customer Service
    • How do I contact Customer Service?
      • You may refer to our FAQ section for some quick answers and continue shopping at MBT Online! However, if you have any further enquiries, simply write to us support.global@mbt.com, and we will get back to you within the next 7 working days.

        Please refrain from sending multiple emails as it could result in a delayed response time.

  • Products & Pricing
    • No price/ Zero dollar value on items listed
      • STARTHREESIXTY reserved the rights to reject purchase order for item/s that is listed ZERO dollar in value. Any merchandise that were placed with ZERO dollar value on STARTHREESIXTY.com will automatically be cancelled. Delivery charges made other than the zero dollar value will be refunded.
    • How does MBT works?
      • Thanks to the unique design of the sole, MBT changes hard, flat surfaces for uneven, soft surfaces. This generates natural instability under your feet to which the body will automatically respond by increasing muscular activity in a natural way. This increased activity activates forgotten muscles and improves posture and gait, lessening the impact on the back and the knees and hips.

    • Why is MBT different from conventional footwear?
      • Conventional shoes balance the body in an artificial way and make some muscles stop working. Unlike conventional shoes, MBT retains the natural balancing motion of the foot and recruits the whole muscular system of the body. This creates natural instability which activates the muscles that have been inactive for so long with positive effects for the whole body.

    • What is the MBT sensor in the sole?
      • The sole of MBT footwear is curved. The soft MBT Sensor in the heel lessens the impact on the joints and the skeletal system. The curve decreases flexion, creating a different motion on standing and walking, unlike what you see in conventional shoes.

    • How can MBT justify it's prices?
      • MBT is physiological footwear: it does a lot more than conventional shoes. It is specifically designed to strengthen your body, help to prevent injury and in recovery or rehabilitation after injury. More than 25 years of research have gone into the MBT of today, which allows your body to adopt the ideal posture when you walk or stand and produces an improved quality of life.

    • How do I take care of my MBT products?
      • To keep your MBT footwear in good condition you should:
        - Clean them when they get dirty. Don’t let dirt dry on.
        - Never wash them in the washing machine.
        - Avoid contact with oils, acids and corrosive liquids.
        - If your MBT footwear gets wet, dry them before putting them away or wearing them again.

    • Does MBT.COM offer price adjustments?
      • Any form of price adjustment to orders is not applicable.