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MBT® Shoes - For the Human Movement™ 2015 - Part 2 Preventive, Strengthening, Recovery

In our second installment of "MBT® Shoes - For the Human Movement", Amy explains the various preventive, strengthening and recovery exercises you can do with MBT® shoes. Whether you're a newcomer to fitness or high level athlete, we'd like to show you how you can get the most out of your MBT® shoes.


观赏由 Amy Manson 为我们带来的全新影片,Amy Manson 是 MBT 首席训练教官和 3 次奥林匹克马拉松及五公里预赛合格者。让我们深入了解 MBT® 如何成为世界上最舒适鞋款的设计,认识 MBT® 独家弧形鞋底的关键组件、目的以及我们忠诚消费者在这 18 年来所深深信赖的优点。

MBT® - 迈向人类健康步伐



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