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1 March 2018

SS18 Campaign

Perky pastels and new styles spring into life in the new MBT SPRING SUMMER 2018 Collection.

1 June 2017

MBT Sponsored Adventure Race Team wins Gold @ Expedition Africa 2017!

Jonas Andersson, team captain of adventure race team- SKYLOTEC from Sweden take first place at Expedition Africa. Expedition Africa is a race in the ARWS (adventure racing world series). Jonas led the team to victory, taking first place at this grueling race in Cape St. Francis, South Africa. Total of 39 teams from 14 countries took part in this extreme adventure race that is 550km long with 150km of just running! "We didn’t know so much about the different legs until 2 days before race start when we got the logistic planner. After that we could pack our gear and energy for the different legs in the boxes and bags provided by the organization", says Jonas. The course: Trek 5 km, kayak 28 km, trek 6 km, kayak 15 km, MTB 89 km, trek 59 km, MTB 97 km, trek+rope 4 km, kayak 25 km, trek 18 km, MTB 123 km, trek 48 km. "We didn’t expect to take the lead in the beginning, we just wanted to go in our own pace but it soon became clear that we had a bit higher speed than the others as we took the lead of the pack", -Jonas Jonas and team wears the MBT Speed for this race. "They keep well, and they have a stiffer sole, that’s makes them perfect for the race. The shoes are gentler to use than other shoes. I feel so comfortable in them and they are so incredibly gentle for the feet. So, I used them all the way. The slightly harder and rounded sole is really great when you have some packing and you have to move as many hours as we do. They really are amazing!" -Jonas Photos: SKYLOTEC, Andreas Strand

14 February 2017

SS17 Campaign

Global active lifestyle brand MBT® celebrates 21 years of Life Well Lived with the launch of its Spring Summer 2017 collection. This season sees the introduction of new ACTIVE, DRESS and CLASSIC rockers – COLORADO 17, BARIDI and BOSTON.

10 March 2016

SS16 Campaign

Presenting to you the highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2016 collection; led by fresh, revolutionary innovations and cutting-edge technology. This season, we have revitalised existing staple models such as the Simba and MBT Classic 1997 series.

10 February 2015

FW15 Campaign

MBT shoes are made for journeys. For the road less traveled. For blazing new trails. For the new restaurant down the street. They’re the perfect shoes for people who live life to the fullest and get the most out of every step they take.

17 July 2014


MBT®2014 年秋冬全球品牌活动 2014 年全新的秋冬活动由 Kastner & Partners Milan 筹备,延续 MBT®的核心精神 – 「加入最佳健体行列™」,以更劲爆的宣言 -「坚持到底,率动前行…」 加入MBT®最佳健体行列™坚持到底,率动前行!

15 April 2014


您听过足球小将翼吗(Captain Tsubasa或Flash Kicker)?这是深受大家欢迎的日本连载漫画,关于日本青少年足球队与队长翼的故事。虽然是在日本发行,但读者群已遍及世界各地。高桥阳一先生是这本漫画的作者,创立了一个足球队 Nankatsu SC,希望能让该球队打入日本职业足球联盟(J 联盟)。Evernew 与 MBT® 携手赞助足球队,推广 MBT® Sport。Evernew 的 Masa Minato 表示:「我们非常高兴能够赞助知名的足球队,我们计划赞助此球队,开发新市场,藉以提高 MBT® 在日本体育界的知名度,请期待球队的成功。」

15 April 2014

西班牙 Esquire 时尚先生杂志文章

MBT®执行长 Bob Dyer 在西班牙版的 Esquire 君子杂志中接受专题报导,此次访谈着重于 MBT®的策略和品牌的未来。

15 March 2014

MBT® Singapore 新加坡 开幕了!

MBT® 原创健体鞋品牌,推出了其最新的概念店,在亚洲具有令人耳目一新的全球店面设计-位于 PARAGON 开幕了,正好位于新加坡购物精华区「乌节路」上。

12 March 2014

MBT®活跃于 GDS 并举办 GDS 记者会

MBT® 又再度于德国杜塞道夫的 GDS 国际鞋类展现身,位于 Berkemann 摊位。在忙碌的摊位中,参观者对我们全新的系列很感兴趣,我们也与 Berkemann 团队连手为展览媒体举办了一场记者会。 记者会上发表 MBT® 的新方向




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